Bad Friends


“To leaders, one trusted friend is better than ten well known betrayers”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Ladder

♥Headpiece by LaGyo ‘Melissa Fishnet Headpiece’ ♥ Hair from Doux ‘Freedom’ ♥ Tattoo NEW!! from Carol G. Tattoo at Lost & Found ♥ Necklace from Fawny ‘Coven Choker’ ♥ Dress by Evani ‘Bea Dress’ currently at Uber ♥ Bag by Zenith ‘Winter Lolita Case Bag’ /Gacha Item ♥ Garters by Cx ‘Threadbare Garter/ Gacha Item ♥ Shoes from Empire ‘Tagettes’ ♥

Twist Ft Carol G Tattoos


♥ Horns from Darkendstare ‘Sitre Horns’ at SaNaRae ♥ Hair from Besom ‘Ocean’ at Uber ♥ Collar from Random Matter ‘Cermet’ at N21 ♥ Cat Tattoo from Carol G Tattoos ‘Cat’s Way’ at Lost&Found ♥ Lower Tattoo from Speakeasy ‘Pure’ ♥ Top from FnH ‘Teasy Tube’ ♥ Shorts from Mutresse ‘Laka’ at Collabor88



♥ Hair from EnVOGUE ‘Milena’ ♥ Hair flowers Ayashi (Part of Sakura hair) at Bloom ♥ Ears from LKCY ♥ Skin shown on Lelutka Chloe Bento, Glam Affair ‘Kinga’ ♥ Glasses from Tsg ‘Shy Megane’ ♥ Tattoo by Carol G ‘Pokemon Kawaii’ ♥ Top by CandyDoll ‘Miko Collection Ruffle Bra RARE gacha item ♥ Skirt from Candydoll ‘ Riley Skirt’ ♥ Fennec from La Baguette ‘Fennec Blossom’ at Kawaii Project

Go away


♥ Hair with hat from Ayashi ‘Masami’ at Kawaii Project ♥ Skin is shown on the Lelutka  Chloe Bento head and is from Glam Affair ‘Kinga’ at Kustom9 ♥ Collar (Not very clear, will reblog it cos it’s awesome) is from Random Matter ‘Cermet Collar’ at N21 ♥ Top from Complex ‘Shetee’ at Lost & Found ♥ Skirt is from Le Fil Casse ‘Sienna Skirt’ at N21 ♥

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♥Hair from Beusy ‘Vida’ (Flowers slightly lightened, they are a darker pink) available at N21 ♥ Top from Candydoll ‘Lalita Sports Bra’ ♥ Skirt from *Boom* ‘Hapa Skirt’ at N21 ♥ Books being held from La Baguette ‘Books & Crayons’ at Kawaii Project Frappuccino from Astralia ‘Cute Frappuccino’ GIFT when subscribo! ♥ Rings from Kibitz for Maitreya Bento at N21 ♥ Boots from Blueberry ‘Cocodoll’ gacha at Epiphany